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Basalt offers sustainable, ethical, and curated jewelry inspired by the beauty of the imperfect and incomplete. The pieces boast traditional artisan work, showcasing and preserving the arts and traditions of our ancestors that are fading away in the modern world. Our products invoke a sense of ritual and spirituality, a mindful way of life, inspiring the need to honor ourselves, others, and the planet. 


Each piece of jewelry is blessed by the local monks as part of the process of traditional Thai artworks. According to the local beliefs, handcrafted works, especially those of precious materials such as that incorporated in jewelry, are protected by deities that are often the embodiment of nature. We honor the tradition by having these beautiful creations finish off  with this sacred ritual.

Blessings: According to Buddhist philosophy, the blessings chanted by the monks are often to spread kindness and compassion to all beings. By “blessing” the jewelry with these chantings and cleansed in holy water, we transmute any negative energy to the state of neutral, forgiving and letting go of any emotions or energy tied to the pieces prior to being transformed into Basalt pieces.

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