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Our Efforts

We do the best we can with what we have, and you can count on that. We take what we have learned from the industry, piecing together remnants from before- the same philosophy as Kintsugi (repairing broken ceramics with gold by embracing its imperfections). As a small business, we are governed by no waste, transparency, and traceability.

We produce most of our products in-house, so that we have the most control over transparency and accountability. We also have very strong relationships with our manufactures and artisans. We do not only strive for a working relationship, but we are building a meaningful long-lasting community that is mindful of the people and the planet.  

Our Metals

We recycle all of our metals from old jewelry pieces in-house. The stones are removed, then the gold and silver and melted down to their essence and casted into our pieces. Our decision to use recycled metals was made because we believe in limiting the amount of new and raw materials sourcing, which can be very detrimental to the environment and the people who source these materials.

Our Stones

Every gemstone and diamond collected are post-consumer stones that were extracted from old jewelry then upcycled and incorporated into our designs. Post-consumer jewelry are pieces that were purchased from consumers and then sold back into the resale market.

Our choice to use post-consumer recycled gems and diamonds came from our strong belief in limiting the use of newly mined materials and promoting a circular economy. Reducing, reusing and transforming materials has an important positive impact. It drastically minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and bypasses the negative environmental and social issues associated with sourcing, extracting, processing, transporting and cutting raw stones.

Our Pearls

Our saltwater Japanese Akoya Keshi's are 100% pure and natural. They have not been dyed, bleached or received any treatment. We use Keshi pearls as opposed to cultured round pearls because we believe there is such beauty in the uniqueness of Keshi's. Each one is shaped and colored differently making Basalt jewelry completely unique and one of a kind.

Our Artisans

We strive to build communities of traditional artisans in Thailand. We work with them in preserving the traditional way of wax molding, the making of jewelry, and recycling of the metals and stones by hand. We support and provide our artisan workers with career and business opportunities otherwise unavailable to most of them due to social, economic, and cultural barriers. Alongside the conservation of the ways of the ancestors, we also provide safety precautions for our workers in this very opaque industry that often neglects security and well-being of those working in manufacturing of the goods. 

Our Packaging

All of our packaging is made of materials that are either certified recycled, compostable or upcycled from the jewelry industry. All this is to minimize unnecessary waste and reuse all materials to the fullest of its life cycle.